Delta Delta Delta proudly displays their Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Print

Since all of our Greek featured blogs are in honor of the new Lilly Pulitzer® sorority prints, we thought it was only appropriate to feature a blog with a picture of a new Lilly® sorority print and some sisters!

Here is a picture with some of the ladies of the Delta Delta Delta Chapter at Stetson University on their Lilly® themed Bid Day!

Delta Delta Delta Lilly Pulitzer sorority print

Look how cute their Lilly® Print looks on their large letters!  I’m sure the new sisters of Delta Delta Delta were very excited.  The Stetson University chapter was even featured on the Lilly Pulitzer® Blog as well, for a sisterhood spotlight in March!

Delta Delta Delta, also known as Tri Delt, was founded on November 27, 1888 at Boston University.  Their open motto is, “Let us steadfastly love one another.”