Back to School with Lilly Pulitzer!

Here at Lifeguard Press we are beyond ready to go back to school… are you?

With so many fabulous new Lilly Pulitzer® products, how can you not be anxious to get all your supplies ready and organized at your desk?!

Do you have all the supplies you need (or want) to make class fun? Textbooks and taking notes can be boring… but with the help of our Back to School supplies, your note-taking is sure to be at least a little more interesting!

No matter what kind of school supplies you need this semester, Lifeguard Press is perfect for all your back to school shopping.  Here are our top 12 picks!

Back to School

1.  Lilly Pulitzer® Agenda- don’t miss a date with this school planner to help plan your activities!

2.  Lilly Pulitzer® Highlighter with Pen- Write AND highlight your favorite notes!

3.  Lilly Pulitzer® Calculator- Math can be fun when you add it to a Lilly print!

4.  Lilly Pulitzer® Lunch Tote- Pack your lunch and keep it cool while you work!

5.  Lilly Pulitzer® Mini Notebook- Take notes or write notes to pass with this floral notebook!

6.  Lilly Pulitzer® Sticker Set- Decorate your agenda or notebook for important dates with these fun stickers!

7.  Lilly Pulitzer® Binder Clips- Hold your homework together, or your place in a book!

8.  Lilly Pulitzer® Pencils- Sharpen up your day and write with a Lilly pencil!

9. Lilly Pulitzer® Desk Caddy- Hold your school or craft supplies in an organized fashion!

10.  Lilly Pulitzer® Pencil Pouch- Don’t lose all your writing supplies in your backpack, keep them together in a pouch!

11.  Lilly Pulitzer® Tumbler- Keep your drink cold all day at your desk!

12.  Lilly Pulitzer® iPhone® case with Slot- Keep your student ID with you at all times in the back of your phone!

Don’t let the school year go by and be envious of everyone else’s school supplies… Buy yours today and be excited for the first day of school!