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Lilly Pulitzer Agendas & Planners

2013-2014 Lilly Pulitzer® Agenda - Secrets Revealed!

The 17-month 2013-2014 Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda is the best Lilly Pulitzer agenda yet! There's no need to settle for a boring day planner... this colorful Lilly Pulitzer planner for 2014 has all the features you want and need in a planner wrapped in Lilly's unique patterns.

Note the Lilly Pulitzer pocket agendas offer the same features, but in miniature, just as the jumbo agendas offer the same features in extra-large. And NEW this year... the Luxe agenda which is hardbound with a leather-like cover, gold edging on all pages, and dual ribbon bookmarks instead of the classic spiral binding with mylar tabs and an elastic band bookmark.


Each Large Lilly Pulitzer agenda includes:

Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Hard Cover

Hard Cover

The hard cover of the Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda, available in 6 stylish patterns, holds up to wear and tear and wipes clean easily. (Pocket Agendas available in 4 patterns.)

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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Monthly Calendar View

Monthly Calendar View

The 2014 Lilly Pulitzer Planner includes a Monthly Calendar View for each month so you can see the entire month in a flash.

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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Weekly Calendar View

Weekly Calendar View

See each week in a single spread with the Weekly Calendar View. Then record notes, homework assignments, or appointments on the daily lines.

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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Annual View

Annual View

The Lilly Pulitzer Agenda includes an annual view where you can see all of 2014 and 2015 in a single glance! Great for circling paydays, major holidays, or highlighting vacations!

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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Front Interior Pocket

Front Interior Pocket

Each Lilly Pulitzer Planner 2014 includes a front interior pocket so you can safely tuck away receipts, business cards, worksheets, id badges, sticky notes, etc.

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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Dates to Celebrate

Dates to Celebrate

Record birthdays, anniversaries, and other special dates in the Dates to Remember section of the Lilly Pulitzer agenda. Major U.S. holidays are listed on the next page.

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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Horoscopes

Lilly in the Stars

NEW this year! See what Lilly sees in the stars for your astrological sign in this colorful section of the Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda.

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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Notes Section

Notes Section

Do you scramble to find a scrap of paper when you need to jot a note? Use the handy Notes Section of your Lilly Pulitzer Agenda to keep important notes close at hand.

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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Assorted Stickers

Lilly Pulitzer Assorted Stickers

Every 2013-2014 Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda includes a sticker sheet with assorted stickers. Use to mark special dates or Lillify your agenda!

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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Colored Tabs

Colored Dividing Tabs - Now in MYLAR!

NEW this year - Mylar Tabs! Each month of the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda is divided with colorful tabs that make it easy to locate each and every page or date.

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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Double Spiral Binding

Double-Spiral Binding

The double-spiral binding of the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda (large/pocket/jumbo) makes it easy to flip the agenda open to lay flat and offers 360 degree rotation for comfortable use.

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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Elastic Band

Attached Elastic Band

The attached elastic band of the Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda can be used to keep the agenda neatly closed or as a bookmark on an interior page.

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Alternative Uses For Your Agenda Later

You may choose to recycle your Lilly Pulitzer planner at the end of the year, but why not re-purpose it instead? Here are some creative ideas from our customers:

  • Use the patterned monthly divider pages as unique scrap-booking paper or decoupage paper.
  • Cut out and frame the monthly "Lilly-isms" (sayings, rhymes and quotes on each monthly page) for cute and clever artwork.
  • Use the decorative pages as wrapping paper for small gifts.
  • Cut or tear the patterned pages into a variety of geometric shapes and create a collage by gluing them to a piece of paper, then slip that into the exterior clear insert sleeve of a ring-binder to create a Lilly-patterned binder.
  • Cut out dress-shapes from the patterned sheets (being sure to include tabs at the shoulders and around the waist) to create Lilly-patterned paper doll dresses.
  • Cut the agenda's patterned sheets into squares and use as unique Lilly-patterned origami paper.
  • Make rolled paper beads from the more colorful pages of the agenda and create unique jewelry, hair accessories, or even a beaded curtain.
  • Glue or mod-podge your favorite patterns or pages to blank ceramic tiles and then coat them with polyurethane for DIY coasters.
  • Using a variety of sizes of hole-punchers, punch out small circles or shapes to create Lilly Pulitzer confetti!
  • Re-purpose your favorite pages into note cards or gift tags.